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IR Remote Control

Bestec Co. , has a well-established, experienced engineering team and has been manufactured, supplied IR remote, RF remote to all over the world for over 15 years. Especially has been build up and expanding excellent IR remote control to North America and European countries.

To save lead time & new tooling cost;

Bestec Co. supplies many selection basic tools to allow maximum modification to meet what you need without the high cost of new tooloing. Modifications cover change of number of key, change key color, PCB layout, etc...

This semi-custom remote control approach is a more economical and short lead time to launch a new product.

To have your own software with the selection basic tool at small quantity;

Bestec Co. will help you have new PCB tooling with OTP IC for your own use.
Prototypes can be developed in 15 days

Unversal Remote Control;
Bestec Co., easily design a URC from your own company and URC apply from 2 in 1 to 8 in 1 for American and Euyropean model.

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